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Cheese washer

The cheese washer made of Inox stainless steel, exclusively developed by Inoxstahlbau, is a fully automated machine for cleaning hard cheese. Mould, dirt particles and sticky red smear are removed by an extremely gentle cleaning process, so that the moulds are not damaged and can be further processed. A variable throughput speed adapts to the individual degree of soiling.

Each of our stainless steel cheese washers has a capacity of up to 400 pieces of hard cheese per hour - and that with the low use of a maximum of two workers, depending on the degree of automation. A well thought-out water recovery concept as well as energy saving are further tested advantages of the machine. We would be happy to adapt our cheese washer to your production volume and production method. Customised inox machines are standard with us! Trust in leading technologies and our wealth of experience in the food sector.


In action


What the machine can do

High performance

500 cheese wheels can be cleaned per hour.

Water recovery

Sophisticated concept for water recovery.

Energy saving

Maximum energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

Cheese drying technology

A high-performance fan dries the cheese wheels.

PLC automation

The automation takes place in several expansion stages.

CIP cleaning & drying

The washing system and drying are 100% CIP-capable.

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Product sheet cheese washer

You will find all details in the product sheet.


We will be happy to advise you personally

Andreas Schäfer
Tel +39 0474 916013


From plan to "Perfect!"

Consulting & Analysis

Close to the customer, close to the solution! We are at your side, from the initial enquiry to product support. We take plenty of time for consultation, analysis, planning and conception. The starting point is always your needs; once we have analysed these, we will take the path to the best possible solution.

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Even before your machine is commissioned, we carry out tests at Inoxstahlbau. By doing so we make sure that everything works as desired on site. A good feeling!

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Inspection & maintenance

Even if Inox stainless steel guarantees a long service life from the outset, every system and machine needs the right "care". We take care of inspections and maintenance work in consultation with you. You can rely on us even years after purchase!

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Spare parts

Practical and fast: Using a QR code scan, you can request spare parts for your machine and avoid long delays in operation.

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Training & Education

"Stage technician" is not something you just do, you become one with the right support! Inoxstahlbau takes care of the education and training of your operators, directly on site or via remote maintenance. Your employees learn to operate machines and equipment correctly for maximum service life and efficiency.

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